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    Welcome! Let's talk about -
    Antiques and Tremendous Opportunities in Real Estate Investments, Particularly in Orlando, Florida at this time

        ORLANDO JANUARY SHOW CANCELED. We did the November show the third day after the election. It happened to be the same weekend as a very large Spanish Concert taking place. Even though with saturate advertising, the attendance was disappointed. Due to the broad negative fiscal and tax hike situation affecting the economy, the antique sector has been adversely impacted. It's not conducive to do a show unless we can bring good business to the dealers and buyers and in this climate, it's not. We have decided not to do the antique show but strengthen and focus our energy and resources in our other business - much highly pursued real estate industry, real estate investments and brokerage business, as well as our leading marketing media - CommercialWorldwide.com, HomesWorldwide.com and their sister printed publications. Please take a look at it for more information, search the database and browse the electronic magazines from the websites.

        I'm a antique dealer specialized in Chinese Antiques, porcelain, jade, coins, currency, postcards, stamps... etc. If you are interested in any of these categories, let's talk and share the hobby and interest. Please also visit PMww.net for some sample of my collections. We'll continue to upload more. We are conveniently located near International Drive and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. In addition to advertising media business, We are a real estate brokerage company farming and specialized in this market for a quarter of a century. If you come to Orlando and are looking for great deals for investments, definitely give me a call.






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